We provide tailor made PTFE solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industries, Chemical Processing Industries, Power Generation Industries, Semiconductor Industries and the Aircraft & Automotive Industries, but we can do much more.

Smooth bore PTFE

PTFE tubing with smooth ID and OD.Available in almost any combination of ID, wall and OD. From less than 1 mm to 200 mm diameter, wall from 0,1 mm to 5 mm.

Used in a variety off applications, excellent chemical- and temperature resistance. Unrivalled electrical properties.

Non-stick and extremely low friction coefficient. Available in colors, with various fillers and antistatic or conductive properties.

Convoluted PTFE Tubing

PTFE tubing with convoluted ID and OD. Extremely flexible and high kink-and vacuum resistance. FT offers standard ranges of Low convoluted, Heavy wall and extra heavy wall tubing, sizes from ¼” up to 6” Bore.

Antistatic, conductive and Conductive striped tubing of each standard item are available. Non-standard sizes can be designed and manufactured upon request.

PTFE Smooth bore Convoluted OD Tubing

PTFE Tubing with smooth or slightly rippled ID and convoluted OD. This tubing offers excellent flexibility with almost smooth, easy to clean inner surface. High vacuum resistance and easy to flare.

This tubing is available with EPDM or Silicone cover, integrated textile reinforcement and vacuum wire. Conductive /antistatic and conductive striped versions are available.

PTFE Extruded Profiles

Hollow or solid, single and multi lumen, any profile within a size range of 1-100 mm.

OD and wall thickness of 0,1- 5 mm. can be extruded.

FT offers mold engineering and production.

Colors /fillers are possible.

PTFE Extruded Films

FT is one of the few manufacturers in the world to make PTFE extruded, sintered Films in Modified PTFE.

Width up to 600 mm, thickness 1-2 mm. For bonding purpose, the films can be etched, single- or double sided with sodium in ammonia.

Excellent flex life. High transparency. Superior weldability. Isotropic films are optional.

Blow Molded PTFE Shapes

HPTFE tubing shaped to its final form in one single process, ensuring high repeatability and high efficiency.

A suitable process for large series of tubing shapes for use in OEM . Product size from 5 to 300 mm diameter.

FT offers mold engineering and production as well as the complete product. Robot welding with PFA wire /cap and pressure welding is available to make complicated products.


The purpose of TUDERTECHNICA FLUORTUBING US LLC is to put at the service of the customer a wide range of robust, modern industrial hoses, and extruded PTFE solutions, suitable for the most demanding requests of the global market.

For the company is fondumental to supply products manufactured with attention to details and to approach the market with an innovative spirit, reinforcing the brand positioning in the global market.