22 February 2022
EPDM is a rubber compound commonly used in chemical applications, due to its outstanding resistance to heat and low/medium chemicals.
But it can be broadly used also in the food & beverage industry, being compliant to food regulations, such as REACH 1907/2006/CE, FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, BfR XXI cat.2 and regulation 1935/2004/CE.
Suitable for soft drinks and fruit juices, this hose doubles its value thanks to the Glidetech® technology: a glossy, corrugated cover with countless advantages, such as:
✔️ easy glide & low friction coefficient: it makes it easier for the user to move the hose around the plant when needed;
✔️ ergonomic: a robust structure with a light weight, flexible and easy to handle;
✔️ resistant to dirt absorption & easy to clean: it doesn’t get dirty easily but – when that happens – it takes very little to clean it and have a neat-looking hose;
✔️ non-marking when dragged on the floor: the external film allows to you have a colored hose without causing color scratches on the floor when dragged around.